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VIDEO: Heartbreaking as a man broke down on live television

Click on the link below to watch one of the residents from Plastic View who broke down during an interview with Newzroom Afrika.He became emotional with the issue of service delivery in their area :

The upcoming elections have helped bring to light the failures of the different political parties in their respective provinces. It was heartbreaking to watch one of the community members breaking down into tears over the failure by the Rustenburg Municipality to avail essential services such as water to the Plastic View residents.

The residents have been exposed to social problems such as the shortage of water, no electricity, and no sanitation . Even though the residents have reportedly informed the relevant authorities to address their needs and concerns, nothing has materialized. The former Premier and the Mayor in Rustenburg are reported to have discussed the issue of the residents of Plastic View, where it was decided that they did not have to be moved, but instead build a shelter for them.

It was reportedly agreed that the people had to be provided with sanitation, toilets, electricity, and other essential services. In accordance with the Newzroom Afrika, the municipality did bring the toilets but has not been serviced. It was also revealed that the Jojo tanks were also brought to the area, but they did not have any water. There are more than one hundred families staying in Plastic View, and their shelter is made of plastic as suggested by the name of the place.

The families have reportedly been staying there for three decades, but their social challenges have not been addressed by the municipality.

It is however concerning that despite the efforts that have been made in previous years to try and make the municipality do its work, nothing has materialized. What do you think must be done by the people of Plastic View?

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