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IFP Wants Matric Pens Down Celebrations To Be Banned

South Africa has recently detected the new Covid 19 variant in the country and with rising cases the country has officially entered the fourth wave. Large gatherings as we know are breeding grounds for the virus. So we are encouraged to not be part of gatherings in large numbers.

Matrics have finally finished their schooling careers and many of them want to party to celebrate but at what cost? We recently saw reports of the Matric Rage Festival being cancelled after 36 people tested positive for the virus.

There are many more parties that may be planned and the IFP is calling for these functions to be banned. The reason for this request is because event such as is can be super spreaders which will cause the virus to spread at a quicker rate.

"Allowing such parties to take place is nothing more than a recipe for disaster, as they are also destructive in nature. Unprotected sex and the use of illegal substances are often a fixture of the parties and, in the past, matric final exam celebrations have claimed the lives of many young people, through car accidents and violence meted out against one another,” said Madlopha-Mthethwa. (the party's spokesperson for Education).

"A clear message must be sent out that anyone found to be staging such an event will be held accountable.

“The IFP urges schools and parents to be alert, as some of these parties are planned secretly by learners. In the interest of protecting their children from this new Covid variant, and for their general safety and wellbeing, parents must denounce such parties. It would be tragic for young people with their whole future before them to lose their lives,” she said.


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