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A Maid Left People Wondering After She Was Caught By CCT Secretly Cooking Food By Using Her Urine


A woman from the Kericho region has left many wondering after being caught on CCT cameras found in the kitchen cooking her food using her urine.

A 29-year-old Kenyan girl was caught with CCTV footage uploaded in the kitchen, when she was called by police who said she was doing so because she was being abused by her family.

 Seriake Dickerson Goes Hard

He was caught red-handed while his bosses connected a Close Circuit Camera to a house, following allegations that he had abused their children, the Modern Kenya Corps reported.

When they reviewed the footage, they found him urinating in a pot of soup he had prepared for the family.

A family currently based in Kericho reported the incident to police and was arrested.

 Buhari appeals to Nigerians

Asked why he was committing this heinous act, he said that he wanted revenge, as his superiors continued to harass him.

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Kenyan Kericho Seriake Dickerson


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