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IN PICS| Gauteng Residents Are Getting Sick As Raw Sewage Flows Into Their Yards



Corruption has harmed a lot of communities as people are living in horrible conditions. Many communities are in a dire state due to the lack of service delivery. Some have potholes, still, use pit latrines, and do not have water whilst others do not have electricity. Generally, there is incompetence in the civil service and poor service delivery.


While some communities have decided to make use of their potholes that are filled with muddy water by swimming in them, others cannot. For residents of Bophelong, they have been suffering for almost five years due to an unrepaired water treatment plant that was vandalized.

According to MzansiTimes, residents of Bophelong are constantly getting sick because their yards are filled with sewage water, and when they approach their municipality officials, they are told that there are no funds to fix the treatment plant.

They have been pleading for help for ages, but their cries have fallen on deaf ears. However, they have not given up and they are still hopeful that the government will hear their concerns and get the treatment plant fixed.

Public's Opinion

According to the public's opinion, Bophelong residents are getting what they voted for, that if they vote for a party that has corrupt leaders, they are bound to suffer.

Author's Opinion

Residents should take the municipality to Court, to mandate residents to take over the sewage and purifying water management. Whether the ANC loses power or continues governing the state, fixing the state will be impossible. The problems are endemic. This society is broken to the core.

Democracy is not going to fix this country. We need a personality that will not care about votes but care more about the people. That will take a brave personality, a caring dictatorship that will not hesitate to shoot criminals, hang corrupt officials at a public square. I don't know what to call the government of Paul Kagame, but it seems to work.

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