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"I Started Selling Myself at The Age of 13, I Saw My Friends Die of HIV But I Was Lucky" Lady Claims

Gladys Wacuka ran away from home at the age of nine and began selling herself at the age of thirteen. She is an orphan who was abandoned by her mother and raised by her grandma.

Gladys claims that her grandmother was very old and that she treated her with disrespect because of her age, and that because she couldn't provide for her, she dropped out of school and ran away from home.

At the age of ten, Gladys was able to utilize a variety of narcotics and began stealing from others. She found a thief boyfriend who could provide her with everything she needed, but he was slain after he was caught stealing.

Gladys joined a group of girls who taught her how to be a twilight girl, and she thought it was the simplest way to make money.

Two of her acquaintances were infected with HIV during the process, and she witnessed their deaths because she had no knowledge of the disease and they had never used any protection.

She stopped being a twilight girl after her friend died, but she was impregnated by an unknown person, and she still has no idea who her child's father is.

Gladys is now a hairstylist, and she is grateful to be HIV/AIDS-free despite having been a twilight girl for many years. She is now dating and intends to marry.

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Gladys Wacuka Lady Claims


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