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Man Catches His Wife With Another Man, Engages in a Physical Fight With Him

Two businessmen in Kiminini brought the city to a halt after engaging in a physical battle. The incident is said to have been sparked by one of the businessmen accusing the other of supposedly stealing his companion, who had been with him for around 35 years at the time of the conflict.

The owner of a small industrial employer in the city, according to an eyewitness, sought explanations from the proprietor of a lodge as to why he had taken his wife. It is said that the lady had four children until recently, after which she moved out of her marital house in Mitoto and into a leased apartment in Kiminini town.

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It took many days before the guy discovered his wife in the company of the man who was supposed to be her new boyfriend; he managed to capture them in an inappropriate situation, which led to his engaging in physical combat with his wife.

After a brief altercation, the two proceeded to slit each other's throats; however, the spherical throng that had earlier separated them managed to keep them apart. It was one day when a rival arrived at the resort, loaded with stones, that the man who works there was taken by surprise, and it was from there that he called the police, who later came to his aid.

According to reports, the female had left her matrimonial house, but her husband had left her 100,000 shillings for her charcoal company, which she had invested in. She may have also warned her parents not to accept dowry from the guy, who had been married to her for more than 30 years, as an alternate explanation.

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