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The government is to be blamed for the deaths of these children

First and foremost, South Africans aren't perfect nor do they not commit crimes, we can concur that, even South Africans do break the law and they are also involved in gender based violence circus that many women have lost their lives into.

However, foreign nationals takes the crown for being no law abiding citizens in the country.

How many times have South Africans wept to the government and urged them to deport foreigners who are in the country illegally, how many times have the Citizens begged the government to put South Africans first and hire them before giving other people spaces in the employment sector.

All the citizens cries have went straight to deaf ears because they don't feel the pain the citizens are feeling, they don't live in fear because they have 24/7 hour security around them.

Not long ago, a personal trainer was killed live while on a zoom meeting but the government havent said a word about that and the deceased family have complained about not being involved in the case.

In the past week, children from Eastern Cape died after eating noodles and the same thing happened in Mpumalanga.

A man shared on twitter the incident that took place in two different provinces with led to the deaths of young children who lost their lives after eating noodles.

" Two children died from Eastern Cape recently after eating noodles from a spazza shop and now same thing has happened in Mpumalanga. Foreigners are manufacturing poisonous and fake food in the country and they don't eat those things themselves#PutSouthAfricaFirst", tweeted man

Not long ago, the police were reportedly uncovered fake goods which are worth millions at one of the factories ran by foreigners, Somalian's to be precise.

What's more saddening and heartbreaking is that even after these discoveries the government isn't saying anything to the country, they are not addressing these incidents, they will only act when there's more deaths caused by the same people.

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