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"I think this man is either slow or drunk." One suggests after a man gets a cold beating from wife.

Apart from COVID-19, another huge pandemic we have In this country is gender based violence. When we talk about gender based violence it's easy to naturally think that women are the only victims, but trust me, even men can be victims too.

Domestic abuse against men whether it’s physical/emotional is real.A man can be just as emotionally scarred from a female partner’s abuse as a female from a man’s abuse. Unfortunate it’s something that is not talked about or recognized enough of in society.Men do not have the same legal recourses as a women to help them in such situations. 

A video has gone viral on social media of a men being brutally beaten up by his wife or partner in a mall. Passers had to intervene to break off the fight. You can check the video through this link:

We are not sure what could have caused the fight but whether the man was wrong he did not deserve that public humiliation and battery. 

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