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Herman Mashaba Asked John Steenhuisen A Very Alarming Question

The controverial Herman Mashaba has asked the leader of the DA, John Steenhuisen a very important question that he may never get the answer for. Mashaba's question follows Steenhuisen announcement regarding the DA's manifesto for the upcoming local elections, specifically the city of Johannesburg. The social media space has since awaited the response from Steenhuisen without any luck or at least a sign of any response.

Steenhuisen was putting a good word for the DA's candidate when Mashaba saw it as an opportunity to put the DA in the spotlight. "Will you allow her to provide services to poor communities?" asked Mashaba. He was questioning if the DA will allow for the provision of services to poor and disadvantaged communities around Johannesburg. This in a way; raises eyebrows as it might be suggest Mashaba knows the DA can indeed prevent its candidate from providing services to poor communities, especially since Mashaba was once a part of the DA. Maybe, he knows something that the rest of South Africans does not know.

Mashaba's question was direct as it was related to the whole point of Steenhuisen's tweet. The leader of the DA was telling south Africans how his political party will tackle service delivery in poor Johannesburg communities as they are fully aware of how the economy of such communities was affected by the covid-19 lockdown restrictions. Mashaba's question should indeed raise a lot of concerns within the people of South Africa; I mean, a former member of the DA would barely ask such questions unless if he is well aware of something. Besides, where there is smoke there is fire.

The ability or the failure of Steenhuisen to answer this question can mean the very success or failure of the DA in the upcoming elections. The majority of South Africans from poor communities are now most likely to believe the DA does not allow its candidates to deliver services to poor communities, this is unless he(Steenhuisen) takes it upon himself to clear the air. 

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