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Looters looting the Looters? ANC Offices not left behind during Looting

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There is currently a serious looting in the Republic of South Africa. In many parts of the world , Business centers and many buildings which belongs to the government are currently under attack in the meantime. There are so many issues which were looted and so many people they have never thought there can be such looting at any point and time.

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Many of South Africans have been accusing the leaders of the African National Congress in terms of Corruption, they have always been accused of being in the fore front of Corruption at all material times . Many of South African citizens always accuse the African National Congress of Corruption at all points and time.

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Is the African National Congress being dealt with this time around? it was witnessed in the Social media platforms, offices of the African National Congress were dealt with during the free Zuma protest. I think now the protesters are sending the message to the right people at this point and rime. The African National Congress is in charge of governance at this point and time.

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i appreciate the fact that the loss is not only going to the Government, but also to the African National Congress at this point and time. They are the ones who are in charge of governance and at all material times they are always expected to behave in a way that can ensure that the country is on the right direction and there is no looting.

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The sad part is that the ongoing burning of Buildings is still happening in all corners of the country . There is still looting if shops in the Republic. Business owners are continuing to lose their money in the meantime while also the poor are still getting a chance to loot at this point and time . The crisis is still a big issue in the whole country.

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There are many damages which happened in the country , but it appears as if there is no proper Solution yet to deal with the current situation: now also the African National Congress is affected with the current matters.

The current governing matter should come with proper measures to deal with the current situation, without killing people nor to violent the rights of South African Citizens, that should not be accepted at all

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