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Mzansi Reacts As Three Ladies Shared Their Photos


Women and selfies are linked; nothing can separate the two. They enjoy posting images of themselves as a repository of pleasant recollections. They don't publish images that reveal grief; instead, they post photos that show the finest elements of their lives. 

Taking these images is part of developing your social media presence so that you may gain more likes and followers. So three ladies took images of themselves in bikinis and posted them on social media for everybody to see. However, several folks were unimpressed. All of the ladies are dressed in matching swimsuits, however Twitter users complained about the first lady being concerned about what she was wearing. People made fun of her because she was wearing leggings. 

They don't like her leggings because they think they make the images look unappealing. But what she really wanted to convey to the world was that these ladies are having a great time together at the beach, and they want us to see how much fun it is to have friends with you when you're on vacation. Most people want to view the destination, therefore it's a good idea to share yours with the rest of the globe. 

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