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Mall turns unvaccinated people away

On Saturday, a mall in Hammanskraal posted on their Facebook page advertising a one day special at one of their stores.

One resident of Hammanskraal was having none of it and took to the comment section to voice out his frustration about the mall allegedly turning unvaccinated people away from it's stores.

He commented, "We have been coming with masks, sanitizing and social distancing there was no problem jiki jiki because a new fashion with vaccination you can't let us in with that unconstitutional practice?". The person went on say that McDonald's, Foschini and Ackermans were the stores that did not allow people who were not vaccinated to enter.

It is not clear as who the commenter was referring to but Jubilee Mall replied to the comment to set the record straight that all of was not true and everyone, whether vaccinated or not are welcome to ship at the mall

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