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These Poorly Executed Designs Are Accidents Waiting To Happen

Design in art, and there's a good reason why it's usually done by professionals. If a product is poorly designed, people might not know how to use it, or even worse, hurt themselves in the process. Here are some examples of the worst designs in the history of man, which are mostly hilarious, though some are downright dangerous. Next time, hire a professional, please!

1. Parking Your Car Has Never Been Easier

The architect behind this chaotic design should be put behind bars. Every time the homeowner wants to park their car, they'll first need to prove they know how to drive through this nightmare of a driveway. Don't forget that little bump right on the curve, because why not add a little more danger where there's already plenty. This is a great example of why certain people should be allowed to build things.

A time will ultimately come, and someone isn't going to make it through this driveway. It's both a driveway and a game of chance.

2. If You Want To See The Game You Can Sit Here

This is just the perfect 'Meanwhile in Russia' joke. Need more seats in your stadium? Sure! Just stick this life-threatening contraption in there and let people risk their lives to watch some sports game. Even if we got free tickets, we wouldn't go near this terrifying stadium. Can the upper seats even see anything, or are were they added for laughs and giggles?

3. Someone Should Go Back to Third Grade

Water and electricity are two things that you really shouldn't mix, even for the sake of a carefully manicured lawn. The grass behind this thing isn't even getting any water, so we wonder which of the two came first. Was this a dare someone lost or did the people behind this just lose their minds for a day? We do wonder.

We're guessing residents of the area are constantly rolling their eyes at this stupidity while staying far, far away. This is dangerous business, you could get electrocuted!

4. Dying In Has Never been Easier

We want to have a talk with whoever built this dangerous waterslide and go over what's wrong with their creation with them. Sending anyone down this slide, only for them to slide into this loop at high speed, will break multiple necks. Luckily, this slide was shut down not long after opening to the public for obvious reasons. It couldn't have been very popular, or at least we hope it wasn't

Let's assume something equally terrifying. Let's pretend someone didn't make it through the loop, now they are stuck inside a dark tunnel, and there is no way out. Worst slide ever.

5. How Does Anyone Let This Happen?

This bicycle lane is not suited for bicycles as long as this hazardous obstacle is there. Unless it gets covered, it will remain a danger for anyone on two wheels, or a single wheel for that matter. The wheels can slip in so easily, and it will not be a pretty sight.

What would happen if an entire line of bicycles comes in one after the other and the first one gets stuck? That's a pile-on accident we don't want to think about.


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