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OPINION| A Scammer Ate His Own Poison

Scamming of people is now common in South Africa, a lady who owns a salon shared something on facebook on how someone tried to scam her but failed, if the salon owner was not clever that means she was going to be scammed a whole R2000, what she did was a good move because she turned the tables. And the scammer was told that the money has been sent back, he was seen on the picture holding the ATM receipt showing that there is no money but its shows R0.00. So the guy really thought the lady fell for his scamming games not knowing he is the one who will go up and down, checking the money from the ATMs, I wish him bad luck in his life how can you want to reap where you didn't sowBe warned guys these scammers are at work yesterday this bustard send me whatsapp telling me that he’s getting married he wanna book an appointment for his 6 bride maids for next week Friday, he need them to relax and do french tips, I gave him the price and he didn’t hesitate to ask me for my Acc number, Listen, I gave him my aaccount numbers he then said my wife will deposit money in the morning, In the morning today I received a copy and paste sms for R3600 he even forget to fix my initials on the message within 10 minutes, a call from the guy says hi dear, my wife just send you the money check for me, I think she made a mistake please return R2000 back to my account that I will send it to you just now, because I wanna pay for the venue, guess what he’s still waiting for R2000 to get into his account and he will wait, told him to give me an hour ~ Awelani

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