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Ex cop Rosemary Ndlovu has been found guilty.

Rosemary Ndlovu is an ex-cop who has been being investigated the previous months for being a protection executioner. The ex cop right off the bat didn't approach the case around her in a serious way, she chuckled and grinned a great deal in court. What bested everything was her eating contributes court. Most likely Nomia figured she should act guiltless. Anyway the video taken of her unconscious ensnared her on the killings she was blamed for. 

Rosemary might have changed everything except not her yellow flower dress. Each time she needed to show up in court she would change her haircut however not her dress. In the event that this dress once Brant karma to Nomia shockingly this time it didn't as the homicide blamed was seen as blameworthy for 6 counts of homicide.

Nomia right off the bat acted ignorant she was communicating in her local language as though she didn't realize english, most likely this was her methodology however it didn't function admirably for her. Her conduct in court might have recommended she had mental issues anyway this was every one of the a technique and the adjudicator didn't get tied up with it. The individual who prompted Nomia on the dress truly didn't do her any blessing. 

The dress can at long last rest and Rosemary would now be able to confront reality. Equity has won for Nomia's casualties and likely there is Justice in South Africa.

Rosemary Ndlovu is accused of several cases of which amongst this cases some are for murder and fraud. It is reported that Rosemary used to hire a hit man to kill some of her relatives that are on her insurances.

the judgement day has arrived and Rosemary Ndlovu is found guilty for all this six charges. And it’s more like she will go to jail for few years.


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