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Young man selling newspaper on the streets receive gift he never expected from Mercedes Benz garage


They say when you do good someone will notice you someday. A young man who survives out of selling newspaper on the road, named Bradley. Found himself helping out with traffic flow in Johannesburg. With the disruption caused by load shedding Bradley would make sure that traffic flows well.

Little did he realize that someone was watching. The previous day young man was awarded with a voucher worth R500 by the company of Mercedes Benz at Maritime motors to show appreciation. The CEO of the company took to the company Media page to share how happy they are to see young people helping were help is needed.

It is alleged that it is not the first time he gives people good flow of traffic. The work he did for years surprised the people on social media. Some came forward and commented that why such people aren't given better jobs. Since they give up their duties to save lives on the road, making sure there is no accidents during load shedding.

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Bradley Johannesburg


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