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EXPOSED| Zimbabwean man allegedly slept with 220 women in 5 month but still HIV negative- see detail

People would do anything to be famous. They would do anything to be known even if it means putting their own health at risk. Sleeping with man women is not something someone should be proud of and go around bragging about it online.

A Zimbabwean man allegedly told people on social media that he has slept with more that 200 women in 5 months. This left Mzansi in shock because he slept with 220 women. He was even proud to tell it to people on social media.

While people might have been wondering if this man might have diseases since he slept with so many women, he also told people that he is HIV Negative. He feels superior after sleeping with many women and he went on to post some pictures of women he had slept with.

The man has now been identified as Tapiwa Mazhiwa and he managed to sleep with 220 women in a space of five months. Do man feel superior when they sleep with lots of women?? Please leave a comment below, like and share


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