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Theft robbery

Hilbrow is now referred to as Bulawayo, see why.

The video shows an incident where hilbrow/berea criminals were robbing a man, they tripped him and started searching him so police urged members of the public to report such incidents.

A lady on Facebook said this is the most dangerous corner Soper and Fife, the same guys stabbed and mugged her last year.

To this day none of them were arrested and she is not surprised they are still terrorizing people, she can't begin to tell us how many cases have been opened against this gang still cops do nothing.

Their building to date has never been raided, police vans sometimes pass through while someone is being mugged and they do nothing.

Herman Mashaba used to raid that flat on a monthly basis but the same community that gets robbed together with the so called human rights lawyers took him to court, they said he is invading their privacy now these are the results.

Our government allowed that part of Jozi to captured by all criminals from all over the continent, Hillbrow is occupied by foreign nationals, over 95% and most of them are here in South Africa illegally. They are robbing, killing, hijacking ect.

Most of the people disputing this have never even set foot in the new Hillbrow, Zimbabweans are doing the robberies, majority of people living in Hillbrow infact are Zimbabweans and Nigerians. 

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