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Chinese Build An Unbelievable 350ft Waterfall On A Skyscraper (See Photos)

One of nature's most breathtaking sights is the waterfall. People travel far and wide to see it. When Guizhou Ludiya Property Management, a Chinese construction company, saw this, they had an idea: "Hey, why don't we build a waterfall?" People are split on whether or not building the world's tallest man-made waterfall was a good idea. It's impossible to deny that the rainbow in front of the building is stunning when the sun is out. In contrast, Guiyang's artificial waterfall, located in the city's Guizhou province capital, requires four large pumps to lift recycled water 350 feet before it cascades down the side of the enormous building. Due to the high cost of electricity, the water fall is only used for special occasions because of the engineering challenges it faced during construction.

spoke to one resident of Guiyang, Tengyu Zhang, to get his take on the unusual new attraction in his city. "I think it's lovely," he said. "I think it's more for promoting Guizhou province as a tourist destination. As the most famous waterfall in China and located in Guizhou, Huangguoshu can be seen as a small ad for the area's tourism." Many people have reacted negatively to what they perceive as an extremely wasteful vanity project, but Tengyu doesn't agree. "There are times when it isn't always on. Only if there are some international and important events and then it will be open. Moreover, there are fountains in the park, and light decorations in the modern city. If you really consider the aspect of environment, guess all those should be closed as well."

Gulyang is experiencing rapid growth as people flock from the other parts of the province to take advantage of the building boom. "Five years ago it was still one of the poorest provinces in China," Tengyu told us. "But now the government wants to build a big data center in Gulyang. So the economy is developing rapidly. Gulyang, for example, will house the headquarters of Apple, Google, and Amazon." Gulyang is going to continue to see a slew of innovative and outlandish skyscrapers in the near future. Take a look at the waterfall building at the bottom of the page.

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