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In Shock| 33 Year Old Woman Nabbed After Selling This To Primary School Kids

EKURHULENI – Something extremely disturbing was established in a school called Tsakani, many people on media were left infuriated by the incident and many patents are now worried about the safety of their children. A 33-year-old woman was arrested for selling muffins (space cookies) mixed with dagga to primary school pupils in Tsakani,Ekurhuleni. Parents send their kids to school in order for them to learn and have a bright future.

This person is turning school kids into junkies, most of them end up being addicted to such and they end up lagging behind in school. The suspect was arrested after a young pupil complained of a rise in high temperature and had to be sent home. The pupil's incident was the main breakthrough into the apprehension of the woman,who confessed to have been lacing dagga and selling muffins to young school-going pupils for months. The suspect is scheduled to appear in the Magistrate's Court soon. Some people are blaming the government for not creating jobs, but even if that's the case she should have taken her business elsewhere.

Children do not know anything, they just buy stuff for the sake of being cool and such things are detremetal to their health. It is extremely not fair to brainwash kids and be leading them astray. Bodies are different and another kid could have ended up in a hospital bed.

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