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My Wife Jumps The Fence At Night To Cheat

A man whose identity we're not going to reveal couldn’t help but cry non stop and bitterly while watching a security video recorded on CCTV footage of his wife jumping the fence at night to go check other men in the street. 

The poor men is still in shock after witnessing such acts from his wife who skillfully maneuvered out her way of sneaking out, of their home with the aid of a ladder and moved one step at a time until she finally to the top of the fence.

As seen on the video, the second she reached the top of the fence, she pushed back the ladder to the other side of the wall probably to aid her back into the compound after her dodgy acts.


Crying out to news reporters, the poor man lamented about his wife always receiving calls from men and her habits of always charging her phone so she doesn’t miss any of her dates.

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