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Look what SAPS & SANDF recovered in the borders of Mozambique. A disbelief.

The South African National Defence Force and the South African Police Services are working jointly to mitigate the effects of crime across South Africa. It is impressive to witness the different departments of law enforcement finally being on the same table to fight crime in this country. Illegal crossing of the borders into South Africa is rising sharply and there is a need to strengthen the law and make sure that crossing of the borders illegally is monitored 24/7. Cars are smuggled out of South Africa, after being hijacked, and sometimes there are law officers who assist in the transportation of these vehicles. Foreigners are forced to respect South Africa and its rules. Illegal trading should not be permitted at all cost. Tracker officials, working with SAPS and SANDF, recovered 2 Toyota Hilux bakkies on the border with Mozambique. The 2.8 GD-6 and the 2.4 GD-6 were both stolen in Pretoria. Lamiez.” This is not the first time such incidents are happening. Kudos should be given to these jointly law enforcement that continue to defend the country of South Africa. Unfortunately if it was not because of the SAPS and SANDF, these vehicles could have easily made it to Mozambique. Not everyone gets to retrieve their cars once they cross the border. 

There are about 9 permanent traffic officers and SAPS roadblocks along the N4, but they only stop overloaded vans and taxis to Mozambique, and take "cold drinks". No wonder stolen cars will pass with ease from Pretoria to the Lebombo border.” Corruption is exposed, as citizens also accuse the law enforcements of taking bribes and not doing their jobs effectively. Working together more arrests could be made, and this will make foreigners fear and respect laws and the justice system of South Africa. The suspects are due to appear in court.ImageImage


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