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Rape Obscene

Police investigate a rape case that happened inside the university premises

The alleged rape of a first-year CPUT student during a social event on campus last week is being investigated by police. 

“A stranger who yelled her name during the gathering drew the 18-year-old from Oudtshoorn away from her pals,” she said.

According to the UCT victim, on May 14, they were informed that a party for students would be held at the SS hall behind the dorms. Her and the friends made the decision to go. She went off to socialize when they arrived and met a few new folks. She was conversing with new folks who were close to my buddies and could see me.

"After a time, I approached my group of pals and asked if we might leave because it was getting quite cold." Out of nowhere, a man emerged and took me away from the mob. 

"I recall this man being taller than me and speaking in a deep voice. He called me by my name. I have no recollection of what transpired after I left the crowd with the man.”


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