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The Body Of The 6 Year Old Boy Who Has Been Missing For 20 Days Was Recovered At Eldorado Park.

Early today the missing 6 year old was discovered near Eldorado Park Cemetery after a hard and long painful search. Khayalethu Magadlas body was retrieved by the local Rescue and Recovery team involved in the search. The little boy had been lost for 20 days after he fell into a manhole.

The Urban Search and Rescue squad had covered almost 20 killometres from Dlamini to Eldorado Park. They have been attempting effortlessly to assist the family to recover the lost boy so that they can have closure. It is such a sad thing for the young boy to fall into the sewers and now that the body has been recovered, the family will be able to start with funeral preparations and give him a dignified funeral.

For a family to go through such a horrific accident it breaks the heart's of many South African families and it is sad to know that they such a precious boy all because of a manhole.

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