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Here's A Video Of What Was happening Before The 22 People Died At The Tarven Last Night

Looking at Facebook and other social media platforms since sun set, I take it that you have came across posts of the unfortunate event that took place at Eastern cape last night when more than 20 people died for what's not even clear at this point in time.

When with things being that way have you started sitting back and wondered what could could claimed the lives of those people since romours has it that it could have been the fact that the venue was more than packed? Well not to say that the place was packed or anything like that have a look at the video which was taken at the very same place last night before the bad news we woke up to happened

Video link :

As you can see from the video above, The place was indeed more than over crowded which can make one think that maybe the reasons of the deaths of others here was because there was a stampede. However with all this still being unclear at this point in time a lot of people has now expressed thier views after after seeing the video posted for you above (read some of thier comments in the screenshoots attached below)

Source :

So now with all this being said and things being the way they are towards this situation what is it that you have to say regarding this unfortunate even which has unfolded last night? Please do take you time amd let us know what you think regarding this situation?

Please do make sure that you write us some of your views towards this issue issue in the comments section below and while you are at that please please do see ti it that you follow our account for further news and updates please 

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