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South Africans need to stop saying this about foreigners, when police catch a criminal.

Recently the SAPS (South African Police Service) along with the help of a group of citizens, stopped criminals from transporting illegal cigarettes. They made arrests and confiscated the cargo which is estimated to be worth more than six hundred thousand Rand. This was a victory for police as they were able to get illegal products off the street. However, instead of praising there success, some South Africans decided to point fingers at groups of people, without any evidence. Here are all the details.

The Full story :

In the image above, we see the illegal cigarettes that were seized by police after a high speed chase. With the help of farmers from the Limpopo area, police were able to apprehend these suspects.

In the report given on Facebook, which you can see above, we get the full story. What's important to note is that the police in no way mention the race or nationality of the criminals. However, in the comments section of that post, some South Africans decided to point fingers at foreigners. Here's what they said.

As we can see, some are enquiring about the nationality of the criminals while others are just blatantly blaming foreigners. Sadly this seems to be done often, as I have personally seen it in many posts. It seem that after a criminal is caught by the police, there are people who instinctively blame foreigners.

The Reality of the situation :

I believe that South Africans need to stop doing this, a criminal is not defined by their nationality, instead criminals are defined by whether they commit a crime or not. So unless it's specifically stated that the criminal was a foreigner, we should not blame foreigners without any proof.

What do you think of this situation, tell me in the comments section and follow for more lifestyle news as it happens.

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