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COVID-19 Positive teenager attempts Suicide on the R102 Phoenix, KZN.

A 19-year-old male was caught trying to commit suicide on the R102 in the vicinity of Phoenix, he was busy running into vehicles that are coming his way. This incident took place today, 15 December 2020 in the KwaZulu-Natal province.

The Reaction Unit South Africa Phoenix Operations Centre was called by motorists who were passing that place, they told them how the teenager was behaving towards passing cars.

The RUSA members rushed to the scene and arrived at about 11:42 and asked the teenager who told them that he wanted to kill himself because he tested positive for Covid-19. News of his results were repotedly leaked to community members of his area, Zwelisha. 

He explained to them that the residents said if he does not leave the area, they will beat him to death so he would rather leave before he infects them too. He tries a lot of ways and countless times to end his life but all his attempts failed, the boy is now in fear. The Phoenix SAPS took him to a much more safer place where he will not be harmed.

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