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Life Is Not Fair- A Man Was Spotted Wearing This Inside His Shoes And People Reacted

Most of us try our only best to become the best we can be, and we can't pretend to be someone whom we are not. Sometimes we feel the pressure from the public, and we end up doing embarrassing things which are not proud of. Life is not fair to most of us and we sometimes and at times we would hide our imperfections from the public.

No matter what we try, we can't hide everything, and some of our secrets end up in the hands of the public. Let's take an example of the picture below of a man who is in a taxi. According to this picture, the man is sitting on a chair, and he was obviously minding his business. But someone who was also in the taxi noticed something strange about his shoes and took a photo of then and shared it on social media. At the first look you would see his trouser, shoes and his socks, but if you take a closer look you will notice something odd about his socks.

The man is wearing facemask on his feet as his socks and he thought that people wouldn't notice it. What this man did is something else, but it's obvious that he had his own reasons for doing this. The man actually don't have socks and didn't want to wear the shoes without socks. This shows that this man is of an older generation, and that's how you should dress to look presentable. But nowadays, we wear our shoes without the use of socks. We can take another example, people of today go for days without their undies and still manage to live to their fullest.

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