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Truck Driver Arrested After Being Caught With These At The Beitbridge Border Post (see pics)

Now that the theft and hijack of cars in mzansi specifically in places like the gauteng province has become an uncontrollable norm, have you ever wondered what happens to them since they do not get recover and returned to their rightful owners? Well if you have I have the answers for you today and believe me this is very painful and something should be done.

Well it turns out that what happens in most cases of stolen cars is that they get sent to our neibouring countries such as Zimbabwe and Mozambique and the worst part of it is that they do not leave the country using some dirty exists, They leave the country using our very same boarder gates which should have been preventing all this, However it is a pleasure to say that an arrest has been made to one of those who have been moving some stolen and hijacked cars to Zimbabwe today at the beitbridge boarder post in Limpopo Musina, Refer to the pics below

What happened here is that this truck driver tried bribing the officials at the border post to pass with all these cars you see here, but unfortunately he got officials who do not play those games, so they arrested him, So now looking at this whole situation from a view that the reason why the truck driver went there even when he knew that he was going to be stopped,searched and asked for the papers of these cars could be because he knows that they do pass through bribes do you think we still need the borders? 

Bear in mind that a lot of cars which are missing now could have passed here and now the chances of getting them has just gone from 5 out of 10 to 1 out of 10, What's your take on this whole situation? Please leave some comments below


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