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"I Once Visited This Guy, We Laughed, He Offered Me Cornflakes, Then This Happened" - Lady says

Individuals notice many things, but just a few of them are taken into account.

In a heartfelt tweet, a woman recounted an experience she wishes she could never forget. The plot revolved around her visit to a man and the unexpected events that occurred.

After meeting a guy, she says they spent time together joking and having fun, gusting, and talking about various topics. She accepted the guy's offer of a bowl of cornflakes because he was a good guy, and she ate it happily.

After she finished eating the cornflakes, she was surprised by what happened next. After emptying the bowl, this woman filled it with water and drank from it. Even if they don't notice anything wrong with what you're doing, a person who isn't aware of it will simply treat it as normal. The lady's description of the guy's reaction was accurate, but it wasn't typical of him, and his expression said it all. Finally, the gentleman told her she had to return to her house with the dish, leading her to remain mute until she had left his house. In her own words, here's what she had to say:

A few years ago, I visited this guy and we had some fun together before he offered me some cornflakes, which I drank as soon as I finished them. Then he asked if I wanted to go with the plate. I accepted." I didn't say a word to him till I left with the plate in my hands."

In the immediate aftermath of her tweet, she received an avalanche of responses from people who had similar experiences to those she described. Take a look at the response she received:

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