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R.I.P. Cash Van Officer Died In CIT Heist in Kokstad

CIT Robbery in Kokstad, the incident is truly shocking to many members of the public because it shows that the suspects have no regard for the lives of other ordinary members of the public they're creating a very tough situation where life is becoming very difficult for the ordinary members of the public.

Fidelity ADT officer was killed and this is a very unfortunate incident because this man was going back to his family after work, now he won't be going home because he has been murdered in cold blood.

He was creating a situation that is truly concerning to a lot of people because some people are very curious about this horrible incident, it seems like the perpetrators of crimes are creating a very tough situation for the members of the public because they are shooting them without any regard for their lives.

It is believed that the unknown number of suspects simply ambushed the victims and were basically in a situation where they allowed the suspects to perpetrate their criminal activities, it was definitely something that was not allowed and had to be dealt with in a manner that is going to be conducive to our Society.

They have complete disregard of life we live amongst animals and this is something that should not be encouraged in our Society, more needs to be done in order to ensure that the perpetrators of crimes are locked up behind bars for the rest of their lives.

Rest in peace to the office and condolences to his family he was a father and husband a bread winner, now his kids have an uncertain future. Unfortunately this is what the suspects do not think about when they are doing their horrible crimes, that are affecting our Society in a very horrible manner and it has to be stopped.

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