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Adult male aged 70years is looking to meet his relatives after being left in hospital for 5years


Some people are really not caring when it comes to protecting their parents, an elderly man is alleged to have been in hospital for over 5years without getting any visit from his family or close friends. It is unknown how he got to the hospital and who accompanied him to that regional hospital.

Few days ago the hospital shared a post that they are looking for help from all citizens in the country to find the family of an elderly man who has been with them for years now. It looks like old man cannot remember his whereabouts after spending a lot of him in hospital bed. It is reported that he was admitted in ward 10 Thelle Mogoerane regional hospital. The hospital does not have any record of the person who came along with him. What they currently know is that old man has no papers to tell about his whereabouts. The management is pleading with the public to assist in finding the family.

If anyone knows this old man please make arrangements with the family to go see their Grandpa. It is not ok to see an elderly person suffering while he has children and friends living somewhere in the world. Do not forget to share like and follow for more content.

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