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Metro Police check Vin number of Toyota Avanza see what he discovered

Metro Police in Manenburg stopped a Toyota Avanza wite in color that had no license disc, the officer went to check the Vin number and scanned it and discovered that the vehicle had been reported stolen in May last year (2021).

The metro police immediately arrested the male suspect, in possession of the hijacked vehicle. How do you drive a vehicle with license disc? Metro police asked after the males suspects claim his innocent he was just hired to transport kids with the vehicle.

Further investigation will be conducted due to the man claiming that he was only working and does as instructed, meaning the suspect is alleged to be the man who instructed.

The Metro police had done a great job in recovery of the stolen Toyota Avanza today evening.

The suspect who stole the vehicle could get rid of the Vin number on the car and that played a huge role in recovery of the vehicle, it took the official a year to recover the stolen vehicle.

According to the SAPS the vehicle was stolen at gun point and the victim was abducted by the suspect who hijacked the vehicle a year ago, police will investigate the person who claim to be the owner of the vehicle. He might be the one who stole the vehicle a year ago.

Keep up the good work law enforcement keep searching the vehicle, and for more updates keep on following our page.

A vehicle that had been stolen in May lay year had been arrested the male suspectshad been detained

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