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Hloni Does Not Believe In Ancestors But Mzansi Is Not Happy Because Of This In #GiantsOfTheCity

Hloni Does Not Believe In Ancestors But Mzansi Is Not Happy Because Of This In #Giantsofthecity

Source: Hashtag #Giantsofthecity Twitter page

Source: MojaLoveTv Channel 157 twitter page

This one is disrespectful, busy calling people's beliefs a mess. Like I'm trying to understand where TF she was going if she's gonna disrespect her sisters and mother like this. Like... Imagine. What? She didn't want to look like iqaba on TV.

I have lost all respect for Hloni. You dont call other people's beliefs a 'mess' just because it differs from yours. #Giantsofthecity it's funny how we hate each other nd other people's beliefs only because wena uthanda uJesu nd kumele wena sikwamukele but Wena you just can't to accept amadlozi wethu.

But this lady went all the way to the grave yard TWICE only to get there & refuse to part take. You don't call people's beliefs a mess. Shawty could have walked away and her cameras would have followed her. Last week she was crying to find the grave and now her sist3made a plan to find it and she feels she has the might to flex after getting relieved. She shouldn't call it madness if she don’t understand it. She speak respectful as much as she want her believe to be respected.

Her sister where wrong for calling her knowing very well that shes a Christian! They should have respected her first. But again I am glad she stood her ground and is wise enough to know that dead people have no power or influence beyond the grave because they are dead. Anything else is madness.

Hloni is star, she stand for what she believe, she knows what she believes... Some people might not understand what we believe but we personally had an experience. The sister disrespected her by calling her in to such a situation knowing very well that she's a born again Christian. Yes she must stand for what she believes in but she shouldn't call other people's beliefs madness. Its madness to her.

She has all the right to express herself... When it comes to belief... They is no compromising. Yes she shouldn't compromise but the way she says it she is disrespecting African Spirituality by calling it "umbhedo". No one is forcing her to believe it, asikho isidingo sokuyithuka. Her sister called her knowing ukuthi she does not believe in such things.

Hloni has every right not to believe in ancestors and see them how she sees them. Everyone must believe in what gives them peace. If a person believes that they are demons then its still ok as long as they dont impose their beliefs on others. Live and let live.

We need to respect other people’s beliefs. There’s nothing wrong with what Hloni saying, she worships God.

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