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EXPOSED|| Masechaba Khumalo allegedly Lied - see why

It seems like various women can see that JubJub is going doing and they need to have an effect in his ruin. Whether or not it infers lying, people will go to any lengths.

Later Amanda Du-Pont informed individuals overall about being attacked by JubJub, various women in like manner took to the media to describe their side of the story, but what amount are to a great extent the charges substantial??

Masechaba took to the web to tell people that JubJub attacked her and that she was a Virgin. This left an enormous number of us dumbfounded considering the way that Masechaba is comparative Person who said she was attacked by her father at 9 years of age. She moreover communicated that she was a Virgin.

Something just doesn't seem OK with regards to this story, how should two unmistakable people break your virginity. She could be confessing all about being attacked, yet did she have two virginities?? How should one individual be broken twice??

The story basically doesn't appear to be legit. Masechaba Khumalo Lied around one of the two things. She may have been attacked by JubJub, yet would she say she was a Virgin??

Assuming no one really cares either way, leave a comment, instruct us what you think concerning the declaration made by Masechaba Khumalo, do you think there is any reality in it??

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