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Shepherd Bushiri Foundation has provided clean water to the rural areas of Malawi.

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri posted on his Facebook page congratulations his wife Prophetess Mary Bushiri on the good work she did for people of Malawi.

He is what he said :

"My wife has embarked on a water project in rural areas of Malawi where there is a huge shortage of safe water. She has vowed to help them have access to clean and safe water. She intends to touch 300 villages under the SHEPHERD BUSHIRI FOUNDATION that promotes giving as the greatest pulpit."

Well done and to God be the glory!

ECG members across the globe were also congratulating the Prophetess for the good she has done to the community and would like her to continue helping more people.

Eva oshengoma commented :

God bless you Prophetess and Prophet Bushiri Foundation! This is the kind of selfless giving that God wants us to do to reach out to the less privileged. You have given them life and opportunities that are beyond any description! I love this ministry! Practical, pragmatic and fearless in preaching the gospel of love! Blessings always! Watching and emulating no matter how little, God blessings!

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