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VIRAL VIDEO Shows A Gang Savagely Beating Up A Boy

A video footage is showing the incident where a gang allegedly crashed the party and then proceeded to beat up a man who is accused of stealing cell phones, this has caused a stir on social media and has a lot of people wondering if this kind of behaviour is right for the members of the public to potray.

It is alleged that the suspect who was getting the beating and getting kicked in the face and around his body had stolen the cell phones of some of the individuals and this was some kind of a revenge that was taking place, this fight has caused such a huge stir that political officials have intervened and condemned the way that this violence has been perpetrated.

They are calling for an Intervention from the relevant authorities to deal with this matter amicably, because the bullying and violence, especially in relation to Gangs is not condoned because more often than not it leads to deaths which ultimately leads to incarcerations and broken hearts.

Whereby by family members are left traumatised by the experience that they go through with one of their loved ones are getting beaten up, or where they have to go through the prison system.

There's no way that this will go unpunished because the individuals who are involved in this fight are going to have to go through the proper procedures where the law has to take its course, and that sees to it that they are incarcerated for their reckless actions and behaviour of beating up a boy.

The proper procedures have to follow course - that is if he really wants to open charges, but in most cases when the authorities take over such cases they are the ones who make the decisions and see to it that the ultimate punishment is dealt out.

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