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VIDEO| Will Ramaphosa fulfill his promise of creating opportunities for black businesses?

Until black brothers acknowledge the problem we have Africa may not rise until we focus on the reasons of our unhappiness suicides shall continue to climb, until we tell our women to use little money we have sparingly we shall not arrest poverty, maybe we are the reasons for no change maybe we feed the pretentious fake life. We are now called 25 to 2 because after earning money by the 25th within 7 days its finished by the second of the new month we are broke, we work for creditors in essence we are holified slaves. Instead of tighten us the slave masters gave us freedom of movement, they gave us freedom and right to choose our own slave wash boy called governments all over Africa. When we feel pressure we are told to pray and drink alcohol so the pain can slower, when we are overpowered by stress the slave master media says we are use less and can't be trusted. Even when we try do things in our culture we are called barbarians anywhere we go we are considered bad, our own children are told not to respect or have anything to do with us because we have no moneyNow my dear brothers, I know many of us are helpless others already committed suicide because its too much to handle being called names by our families and humiliated by our wives and kids is too much to bear, having to ask for money and beg for food being a grown up man is humiliation so much that we lost self confidence. Our politicians are just like us many think they are better because they sit on the same table with the slave master, we even envy them because they eat the crumbs after the master has eaten they are happy to do their watch jobI write to you to remind you that we are great men we are the same warriors who defeated the settlers and imperialist forces, in us runs the blood of great men who stood their ground to defend their land. Ours is to defend our families and rise if shaka was able to fight barefoot and stood tall against armed soldiers why do we feel helpless against poverty? I call on you never to give up, I write to you to talk to your conscience, I ask you to rise and do something to earn a living, I rise to ask you to forget about fake class and status that slave master put on our neck to control us. I ask of all of us to be men and get our hands dirty and I belief we are capable of growing our economy forget about a degree, forget about who says what, and leave your wife is she is not supportive

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