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Mask off for South Africans. We have made it

South African have been tweeting that "we have made it"

South African government has announced the news of there is no need to wear a mask as they are covid free after so many months. Twitter users have been tweeting we have made it since morning following the announcement made.

As South Africans we are happy that we are no longer forced to wear masks but this has some way or some how ended the R350 social grant that was given monthly to unemployed people.

Many families were depending on that small money to be able to survive but now that people can go out and hustle. It won't be easy like before as many things have closed and some are now used to cleaning their own houses and gardens.

This means that for some people who hustled by cleaning gardens and houses will have to look for another hustle which one will not know where to start.

Yes as South Africans we are happy about the mask situation but what about those who don't have jobs and won't be getting any income?

Our president has done a lot for our country and we wish he can have R350 social grant back up until next year maybe by then things would have been better and more hustles will be available for those who can't find employment.

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