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From A Shack To A Double-Storey Mansion

10 years ago the man's Wife told him that he was getting too comfortable in a 2 room shack, they have been planning and working very hard for their possessions and now it is their time to harvest the fruits of their labour.

Their names are Sandile & Gabi, they have 4 offspring together and they have been with each other since he was staying inside a shack. Instead of attacking him everyday she was encouraging him to strive for greatness, and do better.

This man’s story has touched many hearts on social media with many members of the public relating and wanting to relate even more especially for those who are still on their trail to success, this man has paved the way for all those people who were always feeling like they are either too old or too poor to start pursuing success but it is never too late.

This man has shown a remarkable resolve and has managed to attain something which would be very hard for other people to attain, he managed to be a businessman and hire himself as well as other people in his community not only uplifting himself as well as his family but also those who are around him which is very commendable.

Now we have to think about what other people are saying on social media they're commending the man and congratulations are pouring in because he has shown a great effort, and this is all done in 10 years we should learn something from this and set our goals in order to ensure that we either achieve them or we know how far we are with achieving our goals this will also encourage us to take a step towards them.

He said that one day his wife said that he was too comfortable with this two bedroom shack apartment and that is when he decided to pull his socks up and start working hard in order to achieve his goals, and this is something that is very inspiring to a lot of us.

There are those people who are living in shacks and have given up hope, there are also those people who are relatively well off but since they wallow in their own sadness and since humans are humans at the end of the day they do not comprehend that their situations are better off but alas this is just an inspiring story that we should all learn from.

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Double-Storey Mansion Gabi Sandile


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