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Rape Obscene

I become raped this morning.

A lady shared the tale of ways she become raped today (23 May). She tweeted:

"I'm so heartbroken proper now. Hot attacked and raped withinside the morning. You human beings are brave."

The lady in addition delivered that she has opened a case and exceeded her garments to the police. She discovered that the capsules they gave her on the health center aren't treating her well. They are inflicting her to throw up.

These capsules are possibly to be Pep which might be usually taken inside forty eight hours of getting into touch with a likely case of HIV. The capsules are used to save you HIV and may have very uncomfortable aspect outcomes which might be generally now no longer lifestyles threatening. The aspect outcomes are every so often so uncomfortable that a few prefer to now no longer entire the whole 28 day path and which can reason the Pep to now no longer do the job.

The lady later discovered in a later tweet that she seems like she is dropping her thoughts while she is alone.

Very unhappy tale. Find out what others thought: usage of-hiv-medication-to-reduce-risk/post-exposure-prophylaxis#:~:text=What Is PEP?,Every hour counts!

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