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Street hawker cries as she gets haunted by Tokoloshe


Her business was doing well until a mysterious creature started interfering in her business. Lady who has been selling fruit on the streets for the past years started to witness changes in her life whenever she goes to work. She exposed to Dailysun news that she saw her body developing scars she never knew were they come from.

Lady said her clients are now ditching her to get services else were. This come after majority of her clients notice something strange on her. She has visited different Sangomas only to be told that it is a mysterious creature caused such harm on her. Sangomas have been telling her that the creatures does not want her to sell anymore.

A Sangoma from Bloemfontein told her that she needs to be cleansed. This will keep the Tokoloshe from poking her and causing scars on her body. I tried going to church but the Tokoloshe beats my pastor's holy water and oil, the creature is dangerous. People who read her story were left shocked as they realize that jealous creature wanted her to stay home with it and never work with clients.

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