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Mzansi Can't Syop Laughing After Spotting A SAPS Officer Like This

Ordinary members of the public have taken to social media to voice out their frustrations about their incident, where you can see the police officer who was carrying a gun and had decided she was tired and she wanted to sit down.

So what has caught the interests of the ordinary members of the public is that affected she was sitting down or anything like that, but the fact that she put the gun behind her and on the ground and she turned her back to basically fiddle with her cell phone.

This is the thing which does not rub many people the right way around because they notice that this woman is putting people in danger, and she's also putting her life in danger not so long ago so police officers fight a criminal who was there to rob them of their firearms this is not something that you should treat lightly.

We have seen many of these incidences take place around the country and it makes us curious as ordinary members of the public, because if you think about the implications of the things you’ll understand that this means that the people of this country all the leaders and police officers I’m not doing a really good job because of the way that they have completely disadvantage ordinary members of the public.

However if ordinary members of the public way to do something like this they would be held accountable for their actions and be probably punished for a few weeks in jail awesome community service kind of joke now this is not good, because it shows that there is a clear difference between the way they treat different types of people and of course now and then live a life way.

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