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A 17-year-old Boy Suspected To Be A Drug Dealer Has Been Dealt With By Nigerians



South Africans have always resorted to violence when it comes to foreign nationals because they blame them for the high crime rate in the country.

Others have been called xenophobic because they tend to assault foreign nationals, citing that the unemployment rate in the country is caused by foreign nationals.

Others say that foreign nationals bring drugs into the country and sell them to young children, hence they want them gone.

In the News

It has been reported that Nigerians have murdered a 17-year-old boy in Rustenburg after he was suspected to be dealing in drugs that belong to a Nigerian drug syndicate.

According to MzansiNews, the incident happened near the Criminal Investigation Department. In the image that has gone viral, the young boy can be seen undressed and tied on an electrical pole in the streets. Law enforcement is currently investigating the incident.

What The Public Says

According to the public's opinion, this is what happened when the government does not deport illegal immigrants in the country. Others say that the late Nelson Mandela allowed different nations to stay in South Africa in peace after he proclaimed that this country belongs to everyone that lives here.

Author's Opinion

No one should take the law into their own hands. Drug dealers should face the mighty hand of the law, regardless of their nationality. Until illegal immigrants are deported back to their countries, the current crisis of xenophobia and foreign nationals committing a crime will remain the same.

Illegal immigrants know that they will never get caught when they commit crimes hence they continue to do as they please. As it is, illegal miners, are doing as they please in closed mine shafts. Until the government stands up against illegal immigration, foreign nationals will always be blamed for the wrongs that happening in the countr..

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