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Stage 2 of load shedding is on everyone’s door knocking.

Stage 2 rolling power units to resume from 17 November until Saturday morning.

Eskom says it apologizes for the inconvenience caused by the power unit.The power utilities says this is to preserve the remaining emergency reserves to prevent higher stages of loadshedding.

Eskom further apologies for cutting power and they are very much aware of how important power is to the South Africans especially the Hospitals,and big companies that uses electricity most recently.

The CEO Andre de Ruyter says they’ve manage to bring several power plants units back online after consecutive trippings.He said power units will be temporarily suspended at 9pm today night and stage 1 power unit will start on Friday morning at 5am,and apologies for the inconvenience.

Eskom also suspects foul play at some of its power plants.It believes units may have been sabotaged at the Matimba Power Station.Technicians hope to get on top of the recurring problem with a round of routine maintenance this coming weekend.

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