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Police officer shoots man in head

A man was shot in the head by a police officer at Misty Country in Muldersdrfit, Gauteng over the weekend and is currently in a coma.

According to sources, the man allegedly fought with the hotel staff members, which caused the staff members to call the Independent Police Investigating Directorate (IPID). Spokesperson Grace Langa stated that according to the hotel manager’s story, the man was asked to leave the hotel but refused and went to fetch his firearm.

The police were received a call to help the staff members disarm the guest but he resisted and threatened to shoot. A video was shared on social media which shows the man in his underwear arguing with the police in his hotel room.

The video shows the man leave to fetch a firearm in the presence of the police and one officer say:

“Now you are playing dangerous”

The man responds by saying: “Whose playing dangerous? You f***** coward. Come on shoot me”.

His wife and the man behind the camera present in the room and the wife said: “We need to feel safe by the police not endangered”. After that it seemed like the man got enraged by something and started shouting telling the police to leave the room, he then told a police officer to shoot him and while saying that he decided to try and take the firearm out of the officers hands while telling her to shoot him.

Another officer reacted to the scene and shot the man in the head. According to information by Grace Langa the man was in possession of two firearms.

The wife took to social media to share the story on Facebook with her followers and she said “My husband is fighting for his life. My heart is completely broken. Taking it day by day. We miss you! Your kids are waiting for you. Fight my man I cannot lose you, not like this. Please pray for a miracle everyone. He was shot and is currently in a coma. We love you my angel my man my everything. Please come back to us.”

When asked why he was shot Grace Langa stated that: “The police tried to take him out but he refused. The police tried to disarm him, but he fought back and he disarmed a police officer that’s when the police decided to shoot him”

The wife of the victim who was in the hotel, the hotel staff and video footage will all form part of the investigation. The victim is alive and is in a coma in hospital no arrest have been made at this point as yet.

The link below will direct you to the video please we warned as the video does contain graphical images

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