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SA reacts as an Indian Man does this to a Black man who is just trying to do his job.

Recently many South Africans have started to share videos on social media. These videos are used to attract likes and followers and grow there fame. Unfortunately sometimes these videos can go a bit too far, that's what happened when an indian man tried to play a prank on a Black man who was in a compromised situation. Here are all the details.

The Dangerous prank :

In the video, which you can watch by clicking on the link below, we see the Indian man set up a prank.

He is followed by a camera man as he pulls a ball from a store crate. He than takes the Ball to a Black man who is working off the ground on a ladder.

While it's not clear what job he is doing, we can see an electricity cable hand down close to him.

The video creator than gets the man's attention and pretends to throw a ball on at him. Scared by this, the worker falls of the ladder and almost crashes into the clothes behind him. To end the video the creator shows him the camera confirming to him that it's a prank, but ignoring that he almost got hurt while falling off the ladder.

Some South Africans replied to this in the comments section, click on the link to see the video or keep reading to see there opinions.

While people were concerned that the man could have got hurt, they still used laughing emojis, confirming that they also found this funny.

The reality of the situation :

Sadly, the reality of this situation goes further than just a prank. If this man was injured while working, would the video creator pay him for his injuries and any time he couldn't work as a result of them. If he had fallen and destroyed any stock in the store, would the creator have paid for it.

Personally I don't believe that a prank should put people's lives in danger, especially when it's to get likes on social media. To all the content creators reading, please don't put someone else in harm's way just to become famous.

What do you think of this situation, tell me in the comments section and follow for more lifestyle news as it happens.

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