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Family fight during burial goes horribly wrong (Watch video)


When it comes to family matters people fight a lot during burials. A video left social media in stitches after noticing how the family of the deceased started a fight minutes before they lower his casket. It is allegedly that the family was burying their father.

During the ceremony the man who they were burying didn't say anything about his extended family. The other family started causing havoc as they failed to understand why their father is getting buried without a cow's skin. African people are known to use animal skin as a blanket to give respect to the deceased.

That being said prevents the deceased from coming back to haunt the family. On the video the coffin fall to the ground and opened. Without knowing it soil erosion happened closing the hole that was meant to bury the deceased. People who attended ran as they couldn't believe what their eyes are seeing in the middle of the day.

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