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Residents In Mohlakeng Burnt A Shack That They Believed Illegal Miner Used As Entrance To The Mines

People in Mohlakeng are looking for illegal immigrants and making sure they don't live among them. They are not leaving any stone unturned in their search. This happened after a long week in which the people of Kagiso and the police went to the mine dumps together. We also saw that the minister of the police, Bheki Cele, held an Imbizo in the community so that the police could learn what the people face every day. The minister of police has promised the people that he will do a lot to make the community feel safe in their areas. He also tries to deal with the Zama zamas, which are a threat to the lives of the people who live in those areas.

Zama zamas have no place to hide anymore.

Because of this, people in the community are now burning things they think belong to the illegal Zama zamas. They are taking their furniture out of the place they rent and setting it on fire. It looks like illegal foreigners will leave Mohlakeng one way or another. People in Mohlakeng are keeping an eye on the illegal immigrants because they say they ran away from Kagiso and now they don't want them to find a safe place to stay in Mohlakeng. The people in the community also heard that there is a shack where legal miners live. When they went there, they found a hole, which they think is their way into the mines. The people in the community then made sure that they burned down the shack and tried to close up the hole that the Zama zamas had always used to get into the mine shafts.

Does this mean that zama zamas will no longer be sold in West Rand?

The minister has told the people that an Amabherethe police task force will be sent to the area. We know that the people in the area have been asking for the army to be there so they can stop illegal mining. But Bheki Cele says that it won't be easy to send out the army right away because there is a lot of paperwork that needs to be done. But he says he will ask for the army to be sent in, and in the meantime, the police will keep doing the job on the ground. Even the National Police Commissioner, Fani Masemola, told the people in the community not to be surprised, especially those who have illegal foreigners living in their homes.


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