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Road Accident

11 year-old sadly passed away after her father accidentally crashed his car

Road accidents happen all the time, they claim lives every single day. People's lives are very fragile on the road, one mistake that may be caused by another road user may cause the lives of many people that are innocent.

Road users are constantly advised to be cautious and follow the road rules and regulations at all times to avoid accidents. The road is a shared space and people's lives are on the line.

Just over a week ago, a Durban man lost control of his luxurious sports car and crashed into shop fronts in central Durban last week. He had his two children with him in the car when the tragic accident occurred, the crash left his two children in critical condition, while the father sustained moderate injuries.

The two children, an 11 year-old girl had been injected from the vehicle on impact, and a 9 year-old boy, was found inside the wreckage severely injured. Both where rushed to the hospital.

Amost a week after the car crash, the 11 year-old girl, named Dia Nana sadly passed away following the fatal car accident. She passed away after being severely injured from the car crash. According to the source, the 9 year-old boy is believed to be recovering in hospital.

This is the worst pain any parent could ever have to go through, knowing that a car accident that he was driving has taken his daughter's life.

There is nothing as painful as losing a child, this is every parent's worse nightmare. In this life, parents are supposed to be the ones are to be buried by their children and not the other way around.

May Her Soul Rest In Peace.


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